Infrastructure Of BMCPER

Infrastructure Of BMCPER

Machine Room :

This laboratory is well furnished with sophisticated instruments as per AICTE norms. These instruments impart practical training for processing of various pharmaceutical dosage forms like NDDS, Tablets, Capsule, Ointments, Parenteral, Liquid orals and Packaging Science.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory I and II :

These well-furnished laboratories gratify to the practical requirements of the subjects Technology of drugs & cosmetic, Biopharmaceutics & dosage form design, Biological pharmacy, Physical pharmacy, Dispensing pharmacy and Unit operations.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory :

This laboratory is equipped with various flow meters and manometers useful for providing training for measurement of fluid flow including orifice meter, venturi meter, rotameter, ejector pump and manometers. It is also equipped with drawing instruments for teaching a subject of pharmaceutical engineering drawing.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory :

This laboratory is designed for class A aseptic area for Parenteral manufacturing as well as microbiological manipulations, this will help the students to familiarizes with current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), design development and maintenance of aseptic area, growth, cultivation, isolation and identification of microbes. It also familiarizes the students with procedures for sterility testing and microbiological assays.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory I and II :

These well cross-ventilated laboratories provide facilities for practical synthesis in Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry, Structure elucidation of medicinally important compounds, identification of organic and inorganic compounds, CADD and QSAR studies. Microwave oven is the heart of laboratory which provides rapid and efficient synthesis of medicinally important compounds.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Department :

This laboratory focuses over development of new analytical techniques for newer drugs in bulk and dosage forms. it also works on stability study and drug-drug interactions in dosage form using techniques like HPLC, HPTLC and U.V. spectroscopy. It helps students to familiarize with modern methods of analysis and good laboratory practice (GLP). It is used for the analysis and quality control of drugs & pharmaceutical.

Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory :

A well furnished & well equipped sophisticated instrument laboratory train students with the state of art analytical instruments like HPLC, HPTLC or double beam - U.V. spectrophotometer, FT-IR, Spectrofluorimeter and refrigerated research centrifuge. This laboratory assists students to undertake various research projects.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory :

This Laboratory provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural sources of drugs and Phytochemical screening through various instruments like Gas chromatography, Binocular microscope, Projecting microscope, TLC spreader, Clevenger’s apparatus for isolation of various active constituents. We assist regional people for the identification of medicinal plants by providing important morphological features of original medicinal plants located in herbarium museum.

Research laboratory-1 & 2 :

Now since this Department has started M. Pharm course, hence we are planning to focus our energy towards standardization and evaluation aspects of herbal drugs and cosmetic preparations to come out with new molecule from herbal drugs.

These laboratories provide basic knowledge for identification, extraction, isolation, fractionation, standardization of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic formulations, Homeopathic tinctures etc. for better utilization of crude drugs.

Medicinal Garden :

A medicinal garden within the campus is there to cater the need of Pharmacognosy department. The medicinal plants are tagged with their biological nomenclature and Categories used in Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy. Now since the department has started M. Pharm in the subject, hence we are planning to expand the garden in terms of introducing new medicinal plants.

Pharmacology Laboratory :

This Laboratory is equipped with instruments to carryout experiments on skeletal muscle relaxants, CNS stimulants and depressants, Memory enhancement, analgesics and anticonvulsant activity. It is also equipped with instruments to carryout isolated tissue experiments. This well equipped Laboratory trains the students in the practical study of Anatomy, Physiology, Health education, Pharmacology and Bioassay of various drugs.

Animal House :

Animal House is well ventilated, housed with different species of animals and is approved by CPCSEA, Chennai.

Central Computer Facility :

Computer laboratory is well equipped with latest computers in LAN to impart practical training in computer programming, use of computers in pharmacy, use of electronic media and freely exploit of internet as well as computer aided drawing for students. It is equipped with latest software. There are twenty six computers including the two servers in this laboratory. Laboratory provide facility to help center for JACPC.


Class Rooms : I, II, & III

A well furnished class rooms provide knowledge and necessary information regarding their studies and skill for their carrier development. Class room is equipped with OHP projector and LCD as a modern means of teaching aids.